The Benefits of the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters Programs

Our Medical Interpreter Credential and Certification bring many benefits to multiple stakeholder groups.

Medical Interpreters

  • Recognition: Industry stakeholders recognize Hub-CMIs and CMIs interpreters for their quality work both nationally and internationally
  • Inclusiveness: the same credential is used for all medical interpreters (in-person & remote)
  • Simplicity: get credentialed/ certified instead of having to prove your competence to every employer or health care facility

Healthcare Industry

  • Protection: Reduces liability issues due to incompetent interpreting
  • Verification: Reduces length of time it takes to validate candidates' qualifications and prevents administrative testing costs of recruitment of interpreters
  • Cost savings: Proper communication reduces unnecessary readmissions and visits to the Emergency Room
  • Patronage: Patients build loyalty with organizations that meet their needs and provide linguistic and culturally appropriate services

Patients and Providers

  • Clarity: Ensures effective communication between providers and patients
  • Safety: Prevents adverse effects due to the use of unqualified interpreters
  • Trust: Effective communication promotes trust and compliance with prescribed care


  • Range: a national credential that crosses state lines in case of national disasters
  • Compliance: ensures compliance with many state requirements that demand that services are provided by competent individuals

The Hub-CMI credential and the CMI certification help meet Joint Commission and other regulatory guidelines on qualification of interpreters and bilingual/multilingual staff authorized to provide communication assistance. Requiring the Hub-CMI credential and the CMI certification is the best way of ensuring that interpreters, service providers and healthcare systems are compliant and promoting patient safety.