Program Overview

Welcome to the National Board's medical interpreter credential program!  

The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters offers the most prestigious credential available in the field of medical interpreting. The CMI credential is an entry-level certification for medical interpreters who meet industry-standard educational requirements, and pass a written and oral examination.  These exams test adequate knowledge of the medical interpreting profession, including ethics, standards of practice, role boundaries and medical terminology, among other important competencies.  The National Board currently offers the CMI (Certified Medical Interpreter) credential in six languages: Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Upon registration, you will be assigned a program advisor to help you navigate your way through the NBCMI Program.  We offer a step-by-step approach that will make the process efficient and seamless:

  • Step 1. Register for the CMI program: $35
  • Step 2. Take and pass the written exam: $175
  • Step 3. Take and pass the oral exam: $275 

Please review the tab for each step (above, under Get Certified) for comprehensive details on how to get started and obtain your CMI credential!

Maintaining Your Certification: Recertification is due every 5 years. To maintain your credential for another five years, the CMI must submit the recertification fee ($300) and 3 CEUs (30 hours of approved continuing education).  See the "recertification" tab for more details. 

What if my language is not among the six available for the CMI credential?

In the absence of an oral exam for those languages of lesser diffusion, the National Board offers an official letter indicating that the candidate has met all prerequisites for the certification program, has passed the written exam, and is qualified to take the CMI oral exam once one becomes available in their language pair. 

Fees Expiration and Refunds Policies: The program registration fee is non-refundable and is an annual fee, Your initial registration payment is good for one year of the program; after one year, if you have not yet completed the program and you want to take additional tests, you must pay a $35 re-registration fee for another year of the program. The exam fees are non-refundable and an exam fee will expire after one year if the exam has not been taken. The re-certification fee is non-refundable.