IMIA Launches a New Platform to Apply for CEUs for Conferences

(effective February 5, 2021)

The IMIA is pleased to announce that our new platform for continuing education unit (CEU) applications for conferences is now live. We appreciate the support and patience of our partners and applicants as we completed this process.

This platform can be accessed from our Education Registry page (click on the "Conference" button) or using this link. You will need to create an account unless you already had one from previous CEU applications. When you start a new CEU application for a conference, you will be prompted to enter all the necessary information for each presentation in your event.

Keep in mind that you will need the following information:

  • Name, date, and location of the event.
  • Session description: abstract and three (3) objectives per session or workshop, including Keynote Speaker presentation.
  • Presenters' bios.
  • Sample of the attendance certificate.
  • Detailed agenda of the event to better calculate CEUs.

After the application is completed, the user will be prompted to make a payment. The fees to apply for CEUs for conferences remain unchanged: $15 per instructional hour, with a maximum charge of $400.

Our Education Committee needs time to review all workshops appropriately. The following policy has been updated: a CEU application submitted in less than two weeks before a conference or event will only be reviewed with the addition of a rush fee of $200.

Only pre-approved presentations will earn the participant valid CEUs for recertification.

We would also like to remind event organizers that participants will need an attendance certificate for your event and a fully completed Conference Attendance Sheet (available here). This sheet must contain the corresponding code for each session attended, and the presenter's signature or a conference volunteer for in-person events. For virtual events, organizers should provide the code assigned by IMIA at the end of each approved presentation for participants to input into their sheets.

We look forward to working with applicants to grant CEUs to many great events. We are available to help resolve any issues applicants may encounter as they use this system. Please address any inquiries to María Baker at [email protected].

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